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Your energy is one of your most valuable resources, so be selective about how and where you focus it. Don’t waste a drop.

Even though high-energy human potential is your natural state, you only have so much in a day. Stress and other distractions can easily deplete this gift if you allow them to drain you. Every thought, action and decision you make regarding your health, relationships, business, exercise, diet, emotional reactions, and achievements either positively or negatively impacts your energy.

According to the laws of physics, energy can neither be created nor destroyed. This rule, known as the Law of Conservation, says that there is a constant and finite amount of energy in the world. This energy can be converted, however, to produce the outcomes you desire.

Have you ever noticed how when you’re on fire about a project, your energy soars in much the same way? When you are committed to the things that matter to you, you connect with your Innate energy and fuel your efforts with a type of kinetic energy that gives you the momentum to transform your life.

You can feel younger every day with your current energy supply if you are willing to redistribute the way you choose to use it. Everyday choices, thoughts and habits will either support or undermine your Innate energy. Choose wisely. Do this by distancing yourself from people or situations that deplete you. Stop overreacting. Get up off the couch.

Now is the time to become your own personal energy leader. You will immediately feel younger and healthier than you have in a long time-regardless of your age. After all, High Energy Human Potential is your natural state. How you choose to use your energy is up to you.
When you master your own energy, you will sustain that high state of energy and avoid radical highs and lows. Like programming your home to a comfortable temperature so that the air conditioner turns on when it gets too hot or the heat turns on when it’s too cold, you can program your own energy level for consistently high output.

Ask yourself what enhances your energy and what depletes it. Your answers are unique to you and that is alright. Once you take your Personal Energy Inventory, you can consciously begin to make choices that support your high-energy 100 Year Lifestyle. Eliminate the things that drain you. Focus on the things that energize you. When you do this, you will find that you Innately have the resources you need to change your life. Not making the change is an energy drainer. The commitment to change ignites a spark for instant energy. Recommitting to that change with every choice provides you with a continual feed.

Here is a sample list of activities that will measure how well you are using your potential energy. It will help you identify the quality of the choices you are making as they relate to your energy, and whether they are helping or hurting you. Each action is either a credit or debit toward your energy bank. Use your answers to help you shift your energy to live your ideal 100 Year Lifestyle.

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